This past spring I FaceBook posted a truly epic photo of me. I was in all of my glory – disheveled hair, buggy wild eyes, and a strained expression extending from collarbone to forehead. You can imagine the comments (I love you all, I really do).

The truth is that photo was one of the more important ones taken of me in my entire life.

That wintry and blustery day last spring, Martin and I had rushed during our lunch hour to get an RCMP clearance check. We handed over several pieces of ID, got fingerprinted, and then photographed. A few weeks later, we had another important piece of documentation in our hands – confirmation by Interpol that we are clear of any previous criminal activity. Another hurdle cleared.

We’ve been doing a lot of high jumping this past year……….because there’s a lot of paperwork to be done when you’re adopting.

Yep, you heard that right. Martin and I are in the amazing, insane, daunting, process of adoption. We are holding hands, and opening our hearts.  We are sticking ourselves out there in the world hoping to be matched with our child.

This is the story of our family

So why write a blog? Well, we’re in the phase of what I like to refer to as the “never-ending departure lounge”. We’ve spent the past ten months doing all of the mandatory work (more about that grueling process to come), and we’ve been accepted into an adoption programme in Lithuania (and again, more about that decision to come!). Now, we are just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s with the Province of Ontario. That means a very long wait.

Also, I suppose I needed something to keep me focused on the outcome. Believe me when I say, this adoption malarkey is tough.

I also hope this blog will answer some of the questions many of you have asked and maybe help others considering adoption.

So folks, in case you were wondering what the face of adoption looks like, let’s see a reminder of that amazing RCMP photo.CrazyLori